4K Blu-ray has already lost to streaming

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January 18, 2016
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January 22, 2016

It may seem a tad hyperbolic to say this, but 4K Blu-ray could very well be the holy grail of home theater technology. Finally, a disc that makes movies look almost as good as they do in theaters, where many films are projected digitally in 4K. It crams in four times the resolution of existing Blu-rays — over 8 million pixels, versus 2 million — and it brings along some new technologies like high-dynamic range (HDR), which dramatically increases color range, brightness and overall picture depth. When 4K Blu-ray discs start shipping in a few months, they’ll be everything we’ve ever wanted in a home video format. And yet, it’ll likely be ignored by most consumers.

Source: 4K Blu-ray has already lost to streaming

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