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Samsung’s 2016 4K TVs start at $1,499, get even smarter
April 12, 2016
This cute little dancing robot smartphone costs a small fortune
April 14, 2016

Technology is helpful, fun, exciting, life-saving and expensive! If you have unlimited dollars and could buy all the gadgets and gizmos you wanted, there’d be no problem. (Well, maybe not.) Alas, we’re all limited, and we have to choose which tech toy is coming home from the store with us. Or which one will arrive at our door after shopping from our dining room. You sit in front of the computer, awed by the potential that’s out there waiting to sit in your palm. But funds limit your fun. Which leads to choices, choices, choices. Maybe this presentation can help.Amazon’s best-selling electronic devices and acces

Source: The 18 Coolest, Best-Selling Electronics On | Life’d

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