Website Deliverables – eCommerce

Solution #1: Modern & Mobile-Friendly Website (User Experience)

Goal: We will utilize a state-of-the-art WordPress theme to position your brand and service offering (SO) on the web. Using this versatile framework, your website will acquire and maintain all of the fundamental building-blocks requisite of a higher-end (well-functioning + integrated) framework. We will be delivering a fresh & modern UX (User Experience) specifically crafted to promote products and services in a pleasant and easily maneuverable user frame.

The aim of the website is to promote all brand collateral (sales & distributions) and delineate functional elements that can be leveraged to grow the business further and reach a broader audience. We believe that only through cohesive and consistent messaging can one successfully ‘brand’ their product – having the service offering resonate more intimately with its desired audience.

Solution #2: Streamlined eCommerce Platform (Performance)

Features: The shopping cart will be powered with many smart features enabling your customers to interact with the platform and offer a pleasant user experience. In the customer’s shopping cart, related products and popular items will be suggested – especially if they have a discounted price tag or special offer association. Abandoned carts will be addressed automatically, with emails being sent to the cart holder and offering deals (if desired) to close the sale and increase conversions.

Solution #3: Dynamic Pricing & Inventory Control (Site Management)

Features: The website will allow for site administrators and store managers to set explicit discounts for products, categories, users, and payment gateways (digitally). It will also keep track of product inventory. Discounts can be applied for set schedules, for product quantities, or for set combinations of products once they are added to the cart.

Solution #4: CRM Integration (Customer Retention)

Features: As part of your web platform installation, we will incorporate a comprehensive Client Relationship Management system which will allow you to execute tailored marketing campaigns with relative ease. This smart “auto” marketing can be executed right within your website, enabling you to promote products by the product type, discount amount, or customer type.

Solution #5: Customized Website Theme/Layout (Design and Layout)

Features: We will devise a customized-built platform that can be used both as a marketing tool for your website. This would give your website site a premium look and feel, and along with great customer service and support.

Solution #6: Social Media Integration (Promotions)

Features: IT WebSmith, LLC believes that every website should promote their brand and SO by directly linking the web platform with social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is of paramount importance to link your digital media presence with the social media platforms as massive marketing synergies can be realized by utilizing both channels to advertise. Also, you may be able to cultivate further customer engagement on some of your more popular posts by encouraging their commenting features, ratings, and product reviews. A testimonials page can be incorporated on the website which would feature discussion forums, blogs, and other noteworthy news highlighting product quality and customer satisfaction.