Smart Maintenance & Website Hosting

We manage your business Web Services so you can get back to what matters most.

The goal of our Smart Maintenance & Website Hosting plans are to take the worry of managing your online presence from you, so that you can focus on your day to day operations.

COLLABORATION: IT WebSmith, LLC is your marketing team or an extension of it. We can provide all the support for website updates and enhancements, also help fill the gaps of your team’s resources and capabilities.

OPTIMIZATION: We using innovation and technology to provide the most current analytics, technologies, and tools to improve your website experience, traffic, and conversions.

EVOLUTION: We are here for the long-haul. Your website will continuously evolve and grow, just like your business.


Basic Hosting Plus

Hosting Package


per year with 12 month agreement*

Includes Hosting, domain, firewall, website monitoring, security checks, daily backups, core website files updates and SSL.

Updates, changes, fixes, optimization, training, and redesigns. Once you have a website you want to maintain it just like you maintain everything else. This will keep your website running smoothly and keep the information up to date. We can train you on some items and take care of everything else for you, worry-free.

Custom plans are also available (we can build a plan to fit your needs).